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Yes I can transfer your VHS footage to DVD and create a video file that you can use to share on internet.

$10 per VHS for a straight transfer with no video editing. Video Editing prices are calculated here and the fee is waved.

Welcome to Future Video Creations

Do you want that perfect video that was never created for you? Do you want one created now? Are there portions of the your memories that you just would like to forget? You can have that perfect video that will just give you chills of the great memories that you would love to enjoy so much throughout your years. Future Video Creations can create a video that you can appreciate now and in your future.

Why condense your video?

 In my opinion, no one wants to sit and watch your lengthy video of someone's wedding, or any special occasion, with all that boring footage of the floor as the camera man walks around talking to people. Who wants to see Grandma shuffling through her purse as she says to the camera man to wait while she finds her lipstick. Your really don't need to hear the camera man say to each individual to say something to the bride and groom. I will cut all those parts out. My friend Paul just told me that he can't believe that anyone took the time out to watch his 20 minute wedding video. But they did and they asked who did the editing, because it was worth watching the whole thing through. As you may know if you watched the video of Paul and Becca's Wedding. If not then please, watch and let me know if you like it.

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